Gone Travelin'

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius 

My Love For Travel… 

By Marcella Simmons - Meeks  

Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies in addition to writing and spending time with my family. Now that all my children are grown (I think they are! lol), I spend as much time with their children as I did with them or at least I try.

Several times a year, we take a trip somewhere. My love and passion for traveling didn’t just start when I got grown. Somewhere in the growing up process, my yearning for travel just grew with me and one day, budded into a fulltime hobby, I was born to ramble!

Because of my love for travel I purchased a popup camper to pull behind so that we can travel in style. To get a feel for it would be like, I spent the weekend in it in the backyard. My three grandsons spent the night with me and we experienced camper life for the first time. We loved it. Since then I started searching for lightweight items and things that will make our stay more comfortable. My little camper is named “Ramblin’ Camper!”

When I was a little girl, I use to love Social Studies at school. Studying 

 about many different parts of the world and the history of how people
lived intrigued me, which probably shaped me the way I am today. Going on vacation is a lot of fun but it also affords me the luxury of going to new and exotic places and meeting new people. All in all, if someone says, ‘Ready to go?’, you can bet you’ll see me, bags packed and ready. My bags stay packed! And so is Ramblin' Camper!

I have been traveling to various places since the early 90’s and love every minute of it.

You might think we’re gypsies because we don’t mind pulling off somewhere in a safe spot under a tree and having a family picnic. That’s the fun of it! People pass by and smile – I just wish I knew what they were thinking. Oh sure, we can afford a hamburger and fries once in awhile but we prefer sitting together and enjoying each other’s company in our own little world. So if you happen by us one day just chillin’ under a tree, think nothing of it. It’s a family thing!

I’ll see you on the road!