Gone Travelin'

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius 

Our Spring Break Adventure Awaits! We're Going Travelin'!

  I am getting ready for a week in Santa Fe coming up in April. Three of my grandsons are coming with me - as they do every year. This will be our fourth Spring Break in Santa Fe together. Last year, it snowed while we were there but the kids made the best of it regardless. The hotel staff heated up the swimming pool to 85 degrees and the kids swim everyday, several times a day. It was exciting watching snow flakes falling and them in the water. When it got too cold they got in the suanna and warmed up, hopped in the hot tub, heated up some more and went back to swimming!

I'm not much for swimming pools but I did catch up on some writing projects and a book I was reading while the boys swam.

The Inn at Santa Fe serves a really nice breakfast - the kids enjoy the endless pancakes! I just want my morning coffee!

I can't say that this is the best vacation we've ever taken but it is our favorite for this time of year. We spend one night on the road going and one night coming home. The boys have to be back in school the following week so we wrap it up as quickly as we can. It's a really nice little mini-vacation and takes the stress off of us every year. By the time May gets here, we're ready for another mini vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas at Mountain Harbor Resort. We've been going here every year for the last four years, as well.

By the time it's July, we're ready for the big one!

This vacation lasts anywhere from two weeks to four weeks depending on
how much money we've saved and everything we have to do. This year, 

we're going to do rooms with a pool and WiFi - no cabins. The boys like to swim and when money runs out and we have nothing to do, they can swim or play on the computer! Nicolas, the oldest, is fourteen and he likes his computer or I-phone! The other two, Tristin and Kendray like theirs too but a pool and a skate park is more their speed!

So we've decided to do rooms only this year. They don't have to be fancy as long as thee is a pool and WiFi!

We are definitely going to the Royal Gorge Bridge this year, and ride the Leadville train... before leaving Colorado Springs we'll go to the Manitou Cliff Dwellings and the dinosaur museum.
Once al that is done, we are going to the Sand Dunes National Monument and the Colorado Gators...

Once we get to Durango sometimes during that week, we'll head over to Silverton and Ouray before settling down at the room. We'll probably be there three or four days before heading to Albuquerque. NM where we'll spend the next four days. We'll go toHinkle Family Fun Center, te zoo, and of course another dinosaur museum before heading to Carlsbad Caverns in Carlsbad, NM.

After three or four weeks of it, it's time to come home and start planning for a fall venture someplace quiet!

If you come by our house during any of these times, chances are you won't find us home! I am having a cute little sign for the front door that says "Gone Travelin!"

Gone Travelin'
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